Games and toys in space

Oradea' s Fortress, November 14-th 2008

The activity in the fortress was entitled "Games and toys in space" and it had two parts: a powerpoint presentation of STS-126 mission, presented by teacher Valentina Matei and a second part consisting of grouped six to eleven year-old and twelve to eighteen year-old students experimenting the scientific laws and principles that make the toys on the Earth work.
Six to eleven year-old students made an imaginary journey around the Earth aboard the International Space Station along they played and were very enthusiastic. For the students being twelve and fourteen, playtime proved to be more seriously completed. All children discovered through playing the scientific principles that make toys function in an environment where the gravity plays an important role: baloon-helicopter, wind-up toys, yo-yo. Another toys: whello, magnetic chess, jump rope, flipping clown, pecking hens, density wand. Their created their own toys (boumerang and climbing bear) and predicted on how would the same toys behave in microgravity environment. They saw a movie in which the astronauts "were playing" on International Space Station.
The central element of this activity was Buzz Lightyear, a toy astronaut which has been in space for six months. The children were very excited about the site in which the Buzz show them how some toys on ISS work and wait for his coming back on Earth.

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