Explore and discover the Universe!

Time: January and February 2015
Location: The Children's Educational Center of Oradea, Romania

Explore and discover the Universe!

Explore and Discover the Universe
“500 years ago, Oradea, a town in Romania, was proud of its own astronomical observatory and Oradea Tables (Tabulas Waradiensis in Latin). The prime meridian passed through Oradea Fortress and these tables remained highly influential for many years. But time passed, and many mysteries are still hidden. The Astronomy and Space Science Club wishes to give Oradea a part of the grandeur of past times.

I am enthusiastic in using Fiat Physica because I am looking for updated information, and to find new ways to motivate my students to learn Physics and Astronomy. Fiat Physica provides an opportunity to develop activities by awakening students’ curiosity, wonder and imagination. Fiat Physica expands students’ horizons and enriches their lives.”

Valentina Matei
President of Astronomy and Space Science Club
Oradea, Romania

Solar System

Dacia School in Oradea, Romania
October 10, 2014

 The Solar System consists of the Sun and the many objects that orbit around it-eight planet, over 150 moons, asteroids and comets.
At the center is the Sun, which contains more than 99 per cent of the Solar System's mass.

World Space Week

Children's Educational Center of Oradea
October 9, 2014

International Space Station is a floating laboratory in space in weightless condition that remain in orbit at an altitude of approximately 400 km above the Earth.  The ISS orbiting Earth at approximately 28 000 km/h.

Discover the Universe- Extracurricular activities

Location: The Children's Educational Center in Oradea, Romania
Time: 2013/2014 school year